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Mulch Options in Foothills & Calgary


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Here is a detailed list of all the mulch options along with prices:

Spruce & Pine Shredded Bark Mulch

Our versatile mulch! This mulch finds all kinds of applications in gardens as it is excellent around the base of trees and shrubs to help retain moisture (be sure to leave a well around the bark so as not to rot the tree trunk). It is primarily used to keep weeds down and retain moisture throughout the landscaping.

Pricing: $40 / yd³ 

Cedar Shredded Bark Mulch

With some unique properties, cedar has a naturally occurring creosote that does an excellent job of keeping weeds at a minimum. It has a much redder appearance and will age to a beautiful silver as well.

Pricing: $45 / yd³

Acreage Mulch

This is a wonderful mulch for a variety of uses. It has both fine and coarse pieces throughout and holds together well under windy conditions.

Pricing: $45 / yd³

Charcoal Mulch

As a black mulch, our charcoal mulch is dyed with colourants that come from naturally occurring vegetable and mineral materials. The chip product is non-toxic to animals and plants. If you're looking for a mulch that accents plants, this is an excellent choice.

Pricing: $60 / yd³

Montane Garden Mulch

This mulch is screened to 3/8” and smaller. It works well in the garden because it decays well. It retains moisture very well and enhances the biology of the soil as it decomposes. It looks very clean and neat when it is placed. This is a Spruce & Pine product.

Pricing: $50 / yd³

Premium Fir Mulch

This mulch is striking and takes a bit longer to decompose than Spruce & Pine will. The reddish-brown colour will last longer and plants will thrive in it.

Pricing: $60 / yd³

Medium Fir Bark Nuggets

This Medium Fir Bark Nugget is quite hardy and looks very professional in place. Size is 2” - 4” chunks.

Pricing: $90 / yd³

Large Fir Nuggets

The Large Fir Nugget is quite hardy and looks very professional in place. Size is 4” - 6” chunks.

Pricing: $90 / yd³

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Aldersyde, AB

Directions to our New Aldersyde Yard —

Summary - From North - HWY 2 southbound from Calgary to exit 202. Exit right and stay to the right. Continue to the stop sign. You'll see us off to the right from there.

Detailed Directions - From the north just head south on Highway 2 (not 2A) from the HWY 547 overpass near the A&W / PetroCan truck stop. After about 6km take Exit 202 off to the right towards the Auction Mart. Keep to the right until you get to the stop sign at the T-Intersection with the auction onyour left. Our site is to the right of you at that point, you can see all the concrete blocks that make our bins from that intersection. Our entrance is on the west side of the road just along the bend.


Summary - From South - HWY 2 northbound from High River, exit left onto 466 Ave E . Turn left at the stop sign past the train tracks. Turn right at the next stop sign.

Detailed Directions - From the south take the westbound exit off Highway 2 towards the Auction Mart at 466 Ave E and head immediately right/north onto 111 St E. It will eventually curve around over the train tracks and come to a stop sign. Turn left at that stop sign and continue to the T-Intersection and stop sign. Our site is to the right of you at that point, turn right and our entrance is on the west side of the road just along the bend.


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