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Soil, garden mixes & Amendments


*Delivery & GST are NOT included in the pricing* 

We will load your pickup truck as well - minimum charge $30


Screened Loam / Topsoil 

Our screened loam is our most commonly used and well-known topsoil. First, the original virgin loam (soil that still has all of the branches, rocks, and clumps), is run through a screening plant. Then, the plant removes all products that are larger than 1/2” leaving a very workable soil great for planting trees and grass. 

Aldersyde Yard - Mon-Sat (closed on Holiday Mondays)
        Pricing: $20.00 / Cubic Yard

Delivery from our screening site available Mon-Fri (Pick-Up Not Available)

        Pricing: $11.00 / Cubic Yard + Delivery (Pick-up Not Available) 


Garden Mix & Soil Boost (NEW!)

These are helpful products to start building your soil! The life, health and longevity of soil depends on many factors. Our triple mix contains topsoil,  compost & peat moss. The Quad Mix has less loam and adds our fine garden mulch as well. The Boost is a blend of Compost/Peat/Fine Mulch to boost your existing soil!


Triple mix $45 / yd³

(NEW!) Quad Mix $55 / yd³

(NEW!) Boost $60 / yd³




Peat Moss

Peat Moss is tremendously helpful to aerate soil and make it much more workable. 


$60 / yd³









Grade A Compost


$55 / yd³


Clean Fill


$10 / yd³

$100 /  10 yd³ load



Worm Castings


Worm Castings are an outstanding soil additive. There is simply nothing better. They are rich in essential nutrients and the biology that is so critical for the life of soil. They will not burn your plants and will vastly improve the aeration and drainage of the soil. 


$10 / bag


If you have any questions, feel free to visit our FAQs or contact us directly for assistance.

Visit our Mulch and Gravel & Aggregate pages to learn more about the products we offer.

Fast Delivery

“I bought topsoil from Joey, for a project of mine. He delivered all the soil I needed in his truck, I just needed to make a phone call. Very Happy with the product and efficient service.” 

–Dinu A.

Long-Time Customer

“Been buying from Dirt Cheep Enterprises Inc. for 10+years now, good products, prices and great people, would not think of going anywhere else.”

–Karen M.

The responsibility and liability for Dirt Cheep Enterprises Inc. ends at the city curb. Customers instructing Dirt Cheep Enterprises Inc. trucks to go onto their property do so at the customer’s risk.

Dirt Cheep Enterprises Inc

Main phone for orders and general information:

403-703-SOIL (7645)

Aldersyde, AB

Directions to our New Aldersyde Yard —

Summary - From North - HWY 2 southbound from Calgary to exit 202. Exit right and stay to the right. Continue to the stop sign. You'll see us off to the right from there.

Detailed Directions - From the north just head south on Highway 2 (not 2A) from the HWY 547 overpass near the A&W / PetroCan truck stop. After about 6km take Exit 202 off to the right towards the Auction Mart. Keep to the right until you get to the stop sign at the T-Intersection with the auction onyour left. Our site is to the right of you at that point, you can see all the concrete blocks that make our bins from that intersection. Our entrance is on the west side of the road just along the bend.


Summary - From South - HWY 2 northbound from High River, exit left onto 466 Ave E . Turn left at the stop sign past the train tracks. Turn right at the next stop sign.

Detailed Directions - From the south take the westbound exit off Highway 2 towards the Auction Mart at 466 Ave E and head immediately right/north onto 111 St E. It will eventually curve around over the train tracks and come to a stop sign. Turn left at that stop sign and continue to the T-Intersection and stop sign. Our site is to the right of you at that point, turn right and our entrance is on the west side of the road just along the bend.


Monday - Sunday Closed


Open on Saturdays on long weekends

Service Area

The Foothills and surrounding areas: Okotoks, High River, Turner Valley, South Calgary, Black Diamond, Nanton, and Vulcan.


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